Jackon Step and Step Roll impact sound insulation

Jackon Step and Step Roll products made of elastic EPS insulation are effective and functional impact sound insulation for floors and intermediate floors. The dynamic stiffness of the products is <15 MN/m3, which makes the Jackon Step and Step Roll impact sound insulation unique. Explore the products and choose the most suitable ones!

Jackon Step series products

  • Step
  • Step Roll
  • Step+
  • Step Edgeband

Jackon Step series products are moisture resistant and do not contain mould-prone or rotting ingredients. The products have M1 emission classification for construction materials. The products also gain praise for their ability to insulate heat: the design value of thermal conductivity is 0.04 W/(mK).

Jackon Step

Jackon Step impact sound insulation is designed for floating and intermediate floors. It is installed in the interlayer between the load-bearing structure and the surface plate, typically resulting in an impact sound level of 40 to 50 dB.

The standard thicknesses of the Jackon Step boards are 20 mm and 30 mm. They are suitable for floor structures with standard loading of less than 5 kN/m2 – Thus, Jackon Step is also an excellent choice for aisle spaces with loads higher than normal floor structure.

Jackon Step EPS

Jackon Step Roll

Jackon Step Roll is impact sound insulation on a roll. It has a plastic film on the surface, which serves both as a casting protection and a mounting base for underfloor heating pipes. Thanks to the overlap with integrated tape in the product, the seams do not need to be taped separately – dense casting protection prevents wet filler masses or concrete casting from entering sound-technically wrong places.

The standard thicknesses of the Jackon Step Roll products are 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm.

Jackon Step Roll

Jackon Step+

More rigid than the traditional Jackon Step board, Jackon Step+ is designed to support the edges of the floors, especially when the surface plate is thin. The compressive strength of the Jackon Step+ board is 20 kN/m2. Jackon Step+ boards should only be used adjacent to walls – be sure to choose the Jackon Step impact sound insulation in the middle of the floor, which is more effective at absorbing the sound of footsteps.

Did you know? There may be large loads of more than 5 kN/m2 in the edge areas of the floor due to, for example, bookshelves or other heavy furniture. Depressions of more than 2 to 3 mm are not normally allowed in the edge areas. With Jackon Step+ boards, you can avoid possible depressions.

Jackon Step Edgeband

Elastic Jackon Step Edgeband is used at all edges of floating floor structures. It ensures that the top layer is floating on top of the insulation layer. Sound-technically correctly implemented surface plate is not attached to any sound-conducting structure, for example, walls, columns or pipes.

Jackon Step Edgeband

Jackon Step products

Product Size Thicknesses m2 Useful load, kg/m2 Thermal conductivity W/mK Dynamic stiffness MN/m3
Jackon Step 1 000 X 1 200 mm 20 mm, 30 mm 1,2 500 0,040 <15
Jackon Step+ 600 X 1 000 mm 30 mm 0,6 2 000 0,036 -
Jackon Step Roll 1 200 X 11 360 mm 20 mm 13,63 500 0,040 <15
Jackon Step Roll 1 200 X 8 185 mm 25 mm 9,82 500 0,040 <15
Jackon Step Roll 1 200 X 7 310 mm 30 mm 8,77 500 0,040 <15
Jackon Step Edgeband Length 1 200 mm
Height 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm
12 mm - - 0,040 <15







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