Packaging solutions

Your product, which is well designed and effectively prepared needs an economic and safe delivery to the client. The right kind of package is the most economic insurance for your product.

A good package is necessary for your product to be transferred to a near town or across the ocean. The right kind of package solution also helps the internal logistics of the corporation, when the product parts are transferred from one stage to another.

Cellular plastic package solutions are neat, light and easily recyclable. No scents or taste can be revealed from the packed product. The clean cellular plastic is hygienic and it does not act as the microbial growing medium. Read more about the materials.

Tailored packaging solutions

The tailored packaging solutions prevents your product wobbling and they absorb shocks and trembling. Expanded foam protects the internal of the package, if it falls. It protects also from cold and moisture.

At its best, the package design is begun at the same time with the product design, but also for the products already prepared it is easy to make a tailored package solution design. With the tailored packages the protection of features and material application is optimised.

With the help of 3D-drawings and prototypes, we prepare the best efficacy and optimal material application. The product and packages as well as tools are planned from material according to requirement.

Räätälöidyt pakkausratkaisut

Food packagings

Expanded foam is safe, a material that is approved to be in touch with food. Jackon food packages are suitable similarly for the packing of fresh food, as a honeycomb as for reusable medium and as a strawberry box in a greenhouse. No chemicals are used in product preparation.

The food must remain hot or cold – not lukewarm. Tailored, durable and machine-washable transfer boxes, Jackson’s different fish boxes and bowls and coolers keeps the food in a desired temperature. Products that touches the food meet the requirements of (EC) No. 1935/2004.


Standard products

Our standard package products are suitable for basic packaging as corner guards or to protect edges. Below you may find products, materials and measurements as well as a minimum package size.

Ask about availability. Part of the products can be found in the storage with short shipping time.

Edge pieces

EPS L- Profile 15 mm

Commodity code: 625001
Measurements 55 x 55 x 15 x 1000 mm 
Kerfs 50 mm 
Package size 800 pc

EPS L-Profile 20 mm

Commodity code: 625101 
Measurements 60 x 60 x 20 x 1000 mm 
Kerfs 50 mm 
Package size 600 pcs

Flexible EPE L-List 25 mm Antistatic

Commodity code: 662202
Measurements 70 x 70 x 25 x 650 mm
Package size 250 pcs

EPS L-List 35 mm

Commodity code: 631401
Measurements 125 x 125 x 35 x 600 mm
Package size 200 pcs

EPE L-List 50 mm Antistatic

Commodity code: 414402
Measurements 125 x 125 x 120 mm
Kerfs 50 mm 
Package size 800 pcs

Corner pieces

EPS Corner 15 mm

Commodity code: 630301
Measurements 85 x 85 x 65 x 15 mm
Package size 3200 pcs

EPS Corner 20 mm

Commodity code: 625301
Measurements 90 x 90 x 70 x 20 mm
Package size 2040 pcs

EPS Corner 15 mm

Commodity code: 630301
Measurements 85 x 85 x 65 x 15 mm
Package size 3200 pcs

EPE Corner 50 mm

Commodity code: 625001
Measurements 150 x 150 x 120 mm
Package size 250 pcs







Wet room boards

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Packing products


Fish boxes

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